I worked with Karen for severe tennis elbow and wrist issues that came from playing a lot of tennis.  She is incredibly knowledgable about utilizing trigger point therapy to promote the body's own rapid healing response. It actually is a fascinating approach after I have exhausted conventional treatments.  I really appreciate how she encouraged me to understand the dynamics of this PT approach and become my own best resource, showing me where to find different books and tools to use at home.  When she moved away from Maryland to PA, she left a large void in the practice because she was such a specialized practitioner and hand OT. 

Stacie Rogers

Karen introduced me to trigger point massage when I had an acute
golfers elbow issue.  She not only made the pain go away she taught me
how to continue treatment on my own which has helped me with my
children's sports injuries and numerous other friends' who have had
similar pain.  Karen is very intuitive and determined to resolve the
issues to get you comfortable and allow you to return to normal life
activities.  I was back to swinging kettle bells shortly thereafter.
This was over two years ago.

Greg Brake

I have had different surgeries on my legs through the years, have used chiropractors and have tried many different types of physical therapy only to get modest, temporary relief.  It was my good luck to find Karen Gallagher, who not only has given me the greatest relief that I've ever had, but has also taught me how to do it myself. When I am in moments of discomfort I can self-correct the  problem. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is interested in a better quality of life.

Dave Burstin


I have known Karen for over ten years, during which time she has been my partner in treating

many patients with hand problems, both simple and complex. She has been truly

outstanding and exceptional....

Karen taught me much beyond what I had learned in residency and fellowship. In

particular, she introduced me to the role of trigger point therapy in pain management.

This was not something that I was familiar with or was exposed to during my training.

While skeptical initially, I was amazed with her ability to help patients whose pain

seemed chronic and impossible to help. I would send her patients in whom I did not

have any more options, and many times she would make the patients much better....


George Yeh, MD

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

I had been struggling with a pain in the crease of my elbow with a constant and very painful pin prick and a burning sensation in my forearm for months. I went to an orthopedist who gave me a cortisone shot and immobilized my arm in a cast; that only made the pain more excruciating. He referred me for PT and that did not work. I then went to a neurologist and nothing. Then a rheumatologist who gave me a prescription and that helped with the pain but did not correct the problem. I then returned to the orthopedist and he ordered a CAT scan and the findings were a small tear in the bicep. He said we could do surgery but I wanted to try PT one more time. Instead of going to the ortho’s therapist I went to an office I had been to for other PT needs and had always been satisfied. I was late for my first appointment with Karen and she was unable to see me. She was going on vacation but told me to hang on until she got back that she was confident she could help me. I did and she came through. Within a few weeks I was feeling 100% better. She used a therapy I was unfamiliar with that focused on skeletal fascia; stretching, pressure and exercise. What I really appreciated was she shared her knowledge. She did not want me to have to keep coming back. She wanted to teach me to take care of myself. Considering the type of work I do; computer, desk and phone, I had developed many problems over the years with many pains in my back, shoulders, and neck. Come to find out where they all stemmed from was my upper chest and rib cage. Karen was an answer to prayer. She not only helped me with my arm but with my entire body. I wish she had not moved from MD but and happy to hear she will still be sharing her gifts in PA.  



Christy P. Long

Ministry Assistant