I specialize in treating patients with hand and upper extremity disorders as well as muscular pain throughout the body. When a patient is experiencing pain, I take a systematic approach at evaluating and treating the muscles that are causing your pain syndromes.

                                               Karen Gallagher OTR/L, CHT, CMTPT

Hand Therapy

Trigger Point Methodology is a systematic way of evaluating the muscles that are causing your pain. Treatment  includes manual deactivation of TP's, with emphasis on education on self deactivation of TP's. An in depth activity analysis is completed to determine what you are doing that causes the trigger points/pain, with recommendations to improve ergonomics.


Trigger points are taut bands with exquisitely tender nodules found in the muscle. When the tender point is palpitated it will refer a familiar pattern of pain often far away from the trigger point.

Trigger points nearly always contribute to pain problems, even when the pain results from disease or trauma or amateur sport, or in day to day life. (Simons, Travell, and Simons 1999; Mense and Gerwin 2010)

Causes of trigger points are overloads such as exertion overload (lifting something too heavy), overuse or repetitive use overload (most common), or muscle trauma overload (car accident, fall).  At Sum of all Point’s therapy, I can tell you specifically what movement patterns need adapting for optimal health and pain relief.

60 plus years of research supporting trigger point, (Travell, Simons, Gerwin, Shaw, Domerholt) and still not well utilized in practice for managing pain.


Knowledge:  Understanding  that trigger points refer pain, often to distant locations is critical.  Just because your thumb hurts, does not mean the pain is coming from your thumb joint. 20 muscles can refer pain to the thumb.  At Sum of all Points therapy, I can tell you which muscles are referring pain and what actions those muscles perform for improving movement patterns to alleviate the pain. 

Empowering:  Trigger point methodology is a common sense approach to managing pain issues. The more knowledge and understanding you have eases the anxiety of nagging pain issues that often immobilizes you in fear of worsening conditions. This is very empowering, giving you a sense of control.


Trigger point does not replace Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Services or Physical Trainer services.  It only enhances them.

Trigger Point Therapy

I provide skilled assessment and treatments to maximize your recovery and return to normal activities.  Treatment may include dynamic or static splinting, wound care, scar management, edema management, pain management (see below), sensory re-education or desensitization, therapeutic exercise, adaptive ADL skills and Ergonomic intervention for work or home.